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Pedagogy and Praxis

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Sep 17 '14
Darth Metal

Darth Metal

Sep 17 '14

Stop Excluding Queer Trans Women From Queer Lady Spaces 2014


TERFs constantly push out queer trans women from queer lady spaces. This gatekeeping is really gross.

Sep 17 '14


dont use the phrases female-bodied or male-bodied, ever 

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Sep 17 '14






starting a series of fairytales! But told in my own way So here’s the first one about a princess who only wanted to have her outside match her inside.


All my yes.

Sound? What sound? I didn’t hear a soft, forlorn sound, as if a heart were breaking from misery and joy all at once…


Sep 17 '14

Ode to the Snake I

You filthy worm, writhing among us
Poison are your words, sink deep within our minds
You prey upon the perceived weak
Tightening your grip with each breath

Ode to the Snake II

How clever you think yourself to be
Assault the mind with enough lies
Eventually a half-truth sticks
Suddenly the lambs fall at your feet in worship

Ode to the Snake III

Wag your tongue, O slithering creature
Wag your tongue as you crawl through the shit
Wade your way into the beds of the insecure
Play their insecurities against your charms

The Snake and the Badger

The snake came upon the badger
Hungrily it sunk its fangs into the meaty flesh of the badger
The badger wriggled and squirmed against the sting
But just as it seemed the badger was done for
The badger grabbed hold of the snake
Claws and teeth tearing the scaly skin
Revealing the soft pink innards
The badger devoured the wretched snake

The Plague

I cannot express just how much I loathe you
And those like you
I can think of a million things
I’d rather endure than your childish schemes
Your poisons aplenty, the trappings of a grim reaper
A charlatan of the highest order
You cheat people of their souls
A corrupt priest could not do much better
You’re the eleventh plague
The doom of a community
But I will drive you out
As a shepherd drives out a wolf from the flock

Sep 17 '14

I’m going to be posting some angsty poetry. If you’d rather not read such things, you can block the tag, “Jamie’s angsty poetry”

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Sep 16 '14



I love my skin!

OH MY FUCKING GOD Imagine the little dark girls who will see thiz OMG I AM ABOUT TO CRY THIS IS FUCKING AMAZING YOU GUYS

Doña Lupita, everyone. 

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Sep 16 '14
Sep 16 '14

reblog if it’s okay to start talking to you

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Sep 15 '14



Kamala Khan + Possitive experiences about her culture/religion

This is so important, in my opinion. Because it’d be very easy for Marvel to have a Muslim character rebelling against a traditionalist culture and just putting it as retrograde or closed off… but instead we see Kamala slowly learning the balance between who she wants to be and what she believes in… and we get to see how her believes have shaped her into the hero she now is.

Kamala is a beautiful character and Ms. Marvel is a beautiful comic.